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Edline (Website) Parent FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

For Edline parents and families

Q: What is Edline? 

A:  Edline is the industry-leading provider of K-12 online communications and technology solutions, helping schools communicate efficiently and frequently with their important target audiences. We help improve student performance by harnessing the power of parental involvement, supporting teachers and engaging the learning community.


Q: How do I set up my Edline account? 

A:  Activating your account is quick and easy, taking just a few minutes, via our website at You’ll be glad you did. Edline provides a simple, single point of access to all of the information students and families need: homework, activity schedules, athletic scores, lunch menus, school news, resources and more. In addition, we communicate and interact with families and students through online registration, applications, permission slips, surveys, online discussions, electronic homework hand-in, interactive assignments and online assessments.


Q: That sounds like useful information but isn’t it a lot to sort through?  

A: Your child’s name is a link to specific information about him/her: classes, sports, activities, etc. With Edline you do not have to search to find the information that applies to your child. After you log on to your account, just click on your child’s name and the online navigation becomes personalized to him/her — it’s a dynamic website. And by choosing “Combined Calendar” you can view the events from all of your child’s classes and activities from one easy-to-view screen.


Q: What if I have more than one child enrolled in school? 

A:  Even with several children, one Edline account is all you need. Edline automatically links you to all of your children’s web pages for their teachers and schools, even if they go to different schools. It’s all one log in for you.


Q: What if we don’t have internet access at home? 

A:  Edline is a secure, password-protected system available anywhere internet access is available. If not available at home, you can log on to your Edline account from work, a library, or an internet café, for instance.


Q: What information is available for each class? 

A: While teachers manage their own class pages, typically you’ll find class-specific news, homework assignments, calendar items (dates of quizzes and tests), plus other information like teacher availability, and classroom expectations.


Q: What if I’m too busy to check my Edline account every day? 

A:  Edline offers email alerts to notify you when reports are posted, if you choose. We also have feature an emergency notification system for communicating urgent news.


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