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Technology Donation Policy

Often, employees of the Christoval Independent Schools receive requests from individuals to accept donations of used technology, including computers, monitors, printers, etc. While we sincerely appreciate the intent of these donations, we recognize that acceptance of donated equipment obligates the District to be able to repair and/or maintain it. In the past several years, our District has worked extremely hard to standardize district technology. Acceptance of non-standard, donated equipment substantially dilutes our ability to provide timely, effective service. For this reason, policy guidelines are needed to establish a procedure that will benefit both the schools and our community. The guidelines are as follows:


Acceptable Equipment Requirements

For the 2012-2013 school year (and subsequent years pending minimum specifications as defined by the Technology Department), items for donation must meet the minimum requirements listed below.

·         An Intel-based computer should be able to run Windows 7 or higher.

·         An Apple computer should be able to run OS10.6 or higher.

·         Intel-based computers must have a Core2Duo 2.6GHZ processor or better with a minimum of           2GB of RAM and a 80GB or larger hard drive.

·         Apple computers must have an Intel Core2Duo 2.6GHZ processor or better with a minimum             of 2GB of RAM and a 80GB or larger hard drive.

·         Working or new monitors must be 17” or larger and must be flat panels.

Placement of Equipment

The Technology Department will be responsible for placing the equipment according to requirements listed in the District and School Improvement Plans, as well as guidelines found in the Technology Plan.

Donation Follow-up

The District will acknowledge all donations, either individual or corporate, with a thank you letter that includes tax information, if requested. The letter will be sent by the Technology Department.


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