Superintendent of Schools

Dear Students, Staff and Parents,

As the new superintendent for Christoval Independent School District, I am honored to
welcome you back to an exciting and productive 2022-2023 school year. I want to begin by
introducing myself and thanking the school board, numerous staff members, parents, and
community members who have and continue to provide me with a warm welcome since my
arrival on June 1st . During the past twenty-four years, I have worked in many different
capacities and engaged in countless professional development endeavors. All with the same
goal in mind, to become the best leader possible. My educational experiences range from
being a Superintendent, a School Board Member, a Director of Special Education/504
Services, an Agriculture Science Teacher, a Tennis Coach, and an Elementary, Middle, and
High School Principal. I believe that taken together, the sum of all of these experiences has
prepared me for the unique role of being the Superintendent for Christoval ISD. I have spent
a lifetime pursuing excellence in public education and I look forward to spending the next
few months learning even more about our district and the community. I hope that each of
you enjoyed a well-deserved, restful and relaxing summer vacation. I look forward to
meeting with you and extending a special welcome to all staff members on August 10th , and
students and parents on August 17th.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff members and parents for the high
level of dedication and commitment to supporting student learning. I did not have to look far
to find examples of leadership at all levels of the organization at Christoval ISD.
Administrative, clerical and IT staff have been providing support for our teachers and
administrators. The custodial, transportation, maintenance and grounds staff have worked
tirelessly throughout the summer to ensure that our buildings and vehicles are clean, well
maintained, and ready for students and staff. Many administrators and teachers have been
engaged in professional development to prepare for supporting student learning and
implementation of the curriculum. I would also like to commend our parents for continuing
to work in partnership with us in order to provide the best possible learning experiences for
our students throughout the year.

The start of a new school year brings with it a sense of keen anticipation of exiting future
opportunities. That sense of excitement will be clearly evident in each of our schools over
the next few weeks. Thank you, everyone, for providing me with a warm welcome to your
district and community. I appreciate your dedication and commitment to ensuring that the
return to school is a positive experience for each student, staff and parent in our district. It is
an honor and privilege for me to join Christoval ISD and become a part of the Christoval

Clint Askins